Took My Daughter to MY Annual OB/GYN Appt

I took Ainsley to my annual Ob/Gyn exam yesterday.

She stayed home from school with flu symptoms from the flu mist vaccine. My husband had jury duty.

I didn’t want to reschedule, because I didn’t know how long that would take and they could hold my estrogen for ransom.

What do you have to go to the doctor for?

To have her check my vagina.

WHAT!?!?!?! Why?!?

Women have to do it every year. To make sure my vagina is healthy and doesn’t have cancer.

Oh my gosh. Is it embarrassing to have someone look at your vagina? Does she have to touch it? Does it hurt?

It’s not the most comfortable thing, but after you have kids and they are checking your vagina every week or so, you get more used to it.

That’s disgusting!

It’s not disgusting. It’s healthy.

We got in the elevator and a couple asked us which floor.

The Women’s Center, is that on the second floor? I said.

It’s not for her right? the lady asked nodding to my 8-year-old daughter.

Oh No. I said. And everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

Later, in the office . . .

Why are you taking off all your clothes?

Because she’s going to check my boobs and my vagina. I have to get naked.

Even your underwear?

Well, how is she going to check my vagina if I leave my underwear on?

Oh my gosh. I’m going to sit on the floor behind this chair so I don’t see.

You could wait in the hall or the lobby.

No. I’ll just sit here, where I can’t see. You at least get to put that sheet over you while she looks? And a gown like in the hospital when you have a baby?


At least this little reality about womanhood will come as no surprise when she’s older.

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