Empowered Marketing

I’ve gotten to where I can’t stand the word “empowerment” anymore.

Maybe you’ve noticed as well that many of the websites, “resources” and programs out now to “empower girls” are about selling products to girls.

Okay. Whatever.

I do feel the need to point out that no human being’s power is derived from stuff. This includes shampoo, deodorant, clothes, shoes, computer games, cosmetics, electronics, tampons or any other kind of stuff.

Lots of companies are marketing stuff under the guise of “empowering girls” when really the company just wants to make a profit off girls. Nothing wrong with making a profit. Except some companies appear to be using these “empowering girls” websites, surveys, even certain “tween conventions” to mine girls for information. Its market research.

Some of these websites ask girls to take very personal and “confidential” surveys or participate in comments and discussions to get inside girls’ heads. This kind of information can be used to find out how to market to girls’ vulnerabilities and insecurities. The better to target girls. They won’t tell your mom, but they’ll use girls’ insecurities to market to the fear that vaginas are dirty and need perfume in tampons or tweens need special deodorant.

Parents should probably know that and talk about it with their daughters.

You know, just in case they don’t want to participate.

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