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With Ainsley testing above her grade level, I’ve been encouraging (insisting and pressuring) her to read above her grade, so that she continues to improve and doesn’t get lazy.

So, I printed a sixth-grade Accelerated Reading list and we took it to the library. Dracula by Bram Stoker was on the list. I was surprised, because it was required reading when I was in College English, but I loved the book so we checked it out. But, on the way home, I started remembering that there was a sexually-violent undertone to the book that I don’t think is appropriate for a 10-year-old.

I asked around on Facebook . . . How do you encourage your kids to read above their grade level without risking them reading above their maturity level? It’s a conundrum that a lot of families face, it turns out.

Lori Day, an Educational Consultant in Massachusetts, and one of my Facebook Friends wrote back and reported that her Mother-Daughter Book Club had faced the same problem and they had come up with a brilliant list of books that were age appropriate for third- through eight-Grade girls with strong female protagonists. She was kind enough to share her list and the story of her Mother-Daughter Book Club.

Mother-Daughter Book Clubs Enrich Reading and Relationships

Thanks Lori! This is the list Ainsley and I will be taking to the library until we’ve exhausted it.

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