Seamstress Apprentice

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This is Ainsley’s first sewing project, a really cute hot pad.

Lately, now that I have a functional kitchen I don’t loath, I’ve resurrected this foundation of knowledge about cooking. I can cook. Well. I can make, like, anything I would want to order at a restaurant.

I’m not yet a master with the sewing machine, but I know how to use one and I can make drapes, pillows, maybe a prom or wedding dress if I have to (hoping I don’t have to). I can definitely make a gorgeous and tactile baby blanket and a Christmas tree skirt. I’m kind of sloppy though and dislike details in general.

As an adult managing my own home, my perspective on the feminine arts is totally different – I guess I thought feminism would cure us of the need or desire to sew and cook and clean (which is still a million times more realistic than Cinderella – who thought marriage would be her ticket out of chores and housework).

When my friends barter with me to sew in their zipper (no, too hard) or hem their pants, I realize this skill is useful. You may even be able to earn a living at it – just check out all the women who are opening their own Etzy Stores and online businesses and make it a point to Stimulate Women’s Economy.

Not only can I make anything I want to and (sometimes) save money, but I can make anything I can imagine. (Truly it is more expensive to make the baby blanket than to buy the manufactured one these days.)

This is our feminine heritage.

My mother is a master seamstress, crafter, candy maker and all around home maker. I’m trying to get her to open an Etzy store of her own. You should be so lucky to get this woman’s caramels for $26 a pound. I mean, Oprah should send for these melt-in-your-mouth mother candies and list them as her Favorite Things – they are that good.

Ainsley and ZACK will definitely benefit from learning these skills.

We should not stop teaching girls the feminine arts passed from generation to generation – we should stop teaching them ONLY to girls.

Hey, who wants to buy it Ainsley’s first hot pad?

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