On Fear

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I have to give my first Toastmasters Speech tomorrow and I’m scared, I announced at dinner last night.

Everybody gets scared Mommy. It’s okay to be scared. But, brave is when you are scared but you do it anyway. What’s your speech about? Ainsley advised.

Me, I have to introduce myself and talk about me for 5 minutes.

I have two blogs and I write about my daughter and my son. I love my children. I’m a good mother. I have a husband who works at a chicken company. I have nice parents and two brothers and a sister. I’m pretty and I have short hair and blue eyes. I’m a writer. I have red couches and I’m a good decorator and a great cook. I love to exercise and I teach my children to exercise. I teach my children to read and write and their numbers and do projects with them. I’m a painter and I can sew. I go to church. I love yoga. I read a lot and love books. I love to dance. Just say that and you’ll be fine, she told me.

At least I know she’s been listening.


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