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Terry Candee, from GoGo Glue Gun Fun, a mother-daughter bonding experience, send me two of her Quirky Dolls Design-A-Doll Kits from her Etsy store.

We made a “Glamour” Doll together this Saturday. Each set comes with a pre-made 12″ fabric doll and a plentiful amount of supplies and instructions to design about any doll your daughter can imagine. There is a variety of skin colors and fabric selections and themes. No sewing involved, just cutting, glueing and a little pattern tracing.

The retail price is $17, the time spent together designing the doll – priceless.

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Ainsley enjoyed the project so much that she declared she will “become a designer because she’s very good at it,” when she grows up.

Most of you know that I have a few issues with some dolls marketed to girls. Bratz and Barbi to name two.

I found this exercise quite interesting. You can’t really say its a “clean slate” because images of dolls, Bratz, Barbies, American Girl, Jaks, etc., are in their face with various forms of marketing all day long.

But, it was intriguing to see watch her make this doll.

She made this doll to be like herself. She referred to aspects of it as “like me,” several times.

Yet, she made some aspects very unlike her present self – yet, still like her inner-authentic self. The long curly hair instead of her current short bob, for instance.

She’s like me in this. I cut my hair, yet think of my authentic self with the long hair I’ve worn most of my life.

doll 4.jpg

She also made her doll quite freckly. Gave it a fantastic hat and blinged it out.

And then there is this:

doll 2.jpg

She gave her doll boobs and a belly button and named it Molley (which also happens to be the name of her very first baby doll. She frequently names dolls Molley).

Buy a Quirky Design-A-Doll Kit for Christmas and learn more about who your daughter is.

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