Peer Pressure & Faux Lunchables

Maybe you’ll recall, last year my daughter had this annoying habit of harassing me about a school lunch tray and Lunchables. I sent her a healthy lunch in a pink plastic lunch box. Every day she’d negotiate with me, If I clean up my room can I have a Lunchable? Can I take a Lunchable on the Field Trip?

Only every time I sent a Lunchable she didn’t eat it – because the food sucks.

Then I’d be superannoyed because they cost 3 freaking dollars. The whole point of sending a lunch is economy and health. Lunchables violates everything a lunch should be. It’s the Kindergarten status symbol, don’t you know?

But, then I read Jen’s, Lunch Box Mania, Keyword “Mania.” She wanted to cut down on disposable items like baggies. Good point. She did all the environmental and cost analysis homework for me and even told me where to buy these Faux Lunchable trays.

Target for $3 each.

How’s that for peer pressure? Ainsley’s status symbol is a Lunchable and mine is an economically and environmentally friendly object that will allow me to feed my kid healthy food without incessant complaining.

Please God, don’t let it take her 35 years to figure out how to choose your peer pressure for your own self-preservation and best interests.

I figured I’d buy two so one could be in the dishwasher and one could be at school. Of course, I should have factored in the brother and bought 4.

I am also concerned about plastics due to the research I’ve been doing on early and precocious puberty.

Unfortunately, the only metal child-sized drinking options conflicted with our branding rules – High School Musical (I promised she could have High School Musical everything when she’s in High School. But, it’s not called 1st Grade Musical or Primary Musical), Princess and Bratz – those were my choices. So, I opted for the Dora plastic thermos with the snack compartment on the bottom until I can find a thermos without implications. (Okay, that’s a good point – the lunch box is also plastic.)

As you saw in the video, the Baked Cheetos are going to buy me a lot of peace, I think. Last year I was probably too strict on her lunch snacks. This was daddy’s brilliant idea. It’s only 100 calories. We bought the bulk box for $8.95 at Sams Club and there are 30 packages.

That’s 6 weeks of family harmony and peace – what a bargain.

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