1st Day 1st Grade


Yesterday I sent Ainsley off to First Grade.

Someone asked me, Did you cry?

Cry? I did cartwheels!


Which is an exaggeration. I felt a some relief.

Have you any idea what its like to work with two small children in your cube?


THIS is the reason I’m not doing cartwheels – Yet.

Zack is bored and lonely when his sister goes to school. He needs to go to preschool. Only I didn’t realize my new town has only one and it fills up fast.

I’m praying for two biters and two separation anxieties – Zack’s 4th on the list.

Mother’s Day Out will give me 2 days a week to work uninterrupted. It will give him social contact with other children and stimulation. He’s super smart – which is why he was trying to Make His Own Popcorn For Dinner. Check out his Potty Dance debut on YouTube.

How are ya’ll managing your first day of school around the country?

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