Not Nameless Faceless Kids – Hers

I read this blog about a mother’s struggle to insure her special needs children – the real kind – in our current insurance system. Her child is being dropped because the insurance company isn’t making any money off insuring her.

Basically once they are in the high risk pool, normal insurance will never cover them again, even if they “outgrow” their issues. They are a health risk, and insurance companies can’t really make money off of those kids.

Did you know that our state provides an SCHIP program through the very company that KayTar currently has insurance through? With identical benefits? Did you know that we are eligible for this program if you use our net income, but if you go by our gross income we are just over the line? Just over the line! We don’t even receive any of that money! Do you know where it goes? Taxes. We are paying the government to provide services like this for people in need and the TINY bit of money that we give is what keeps us from not being eligible for the programs ourselves. How can that be right?

The bill President Bush recently vetoed would have provided insurance for my kids. Not some faceless huddled masses. These kids. MY kids.

Read the full HealthCare is a Bitch.

But for the grace of God, there go I.

We’ve always been about $60 gross over the income limit for the Pre-K, free lunch and SCHIPS. The only major difference is our children are healthy and we have corporate health insurance.

My prayers are with you Kyla.

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