Balancing Act

by Tracee Sioux

How does this sound?

  • Paid family leave so no mother has to go back to work days after giving birth,
  • Public universal pre-school,
  • Major investments in child care so having a child is no longer the top reason American families have “a poverty spell”,
  • After school programs for all kids who need them,
  • Health care for all children,
  • Benefits for part-time workers, and
  • Telecommuting incentives so parents have more flexible work options.
  • While I am a so-called liberal democrat nearly everyone I know and love is a conservative Christian.

    Here’s the thing – we all want the same things and share the same basic values.

    Women who describe themselves as “stay-at-home-moms” are working. They are working part-time for low pay and getting no benefits, no security, no acknowledgement or validation from their work, but they ARE working.

    Women who describe themselves as “working mothers” would stay at home more and work fewer hours given the flexibility and choice.

    Then there is a whole class of women who vacillate between the two distinctions and make various compromises depending on age of children and practical economics. Those compromises usually sacrifice health care and benefits for more time. It’s not a necessary sacrifice when we could just require employers to offer it up without penalty.

    We, as voters and citizens, need to remember that the government works for us. Not the other way around. In a democracy, we get to decide what the rules are and how the game is played. We do that by writing letters and electing the people that are looking out for our best interests. Let the employer look out for his own best interest – they pay people to lobby for that. The US Constitution wasn’t design to protect employers, it was designed to protect We, the People.

    Both the liberal Democrat and the conservative Republican family can see how telecommuting, working from home, benefits for part-time work, paid family leave, after school programs and health care are good for every family in America.

    American families deserve it and Momsrising is demanding it. There is a bill before congress right now called The Balancing Act that makes life easier for families.

    If you want to see the divorce rate go down and more face-time between kids and their parents, it’s laws like The Balancing Act that make it possible.

    Follow this link and write your representatives and tell them you expect the American Government to do this for American Families.

    Our daughters deserve better choices than we have. Just as we have better choices than our mothers.

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