New Website Launch Party

I’ll be unveiling the new and improved Empowering Girls: So Sioux Me website on Monday, Jan. 12.

We’re having a Launch Party and you’re invited. Bring all your friends.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you keep coming here to discuss girl issues with me.
One of the most exciting features will be my ability to interact with you, my loyal and insightful readers. Currently, I use blogspot and it’s quite difficult to interact with my commentors and keep track of your blogs. But, I’ll be switching to wordpress and it will allow us far more ability to easily interact.

I’m also renaming the site. New name, fresh design, same great content. You’re going to love it.

Did I ever tell you my husband Jeremy is a talented graphic artist and designer? He’s designed some fabulous t-shirts, magnets, posters and stickers for girls and the people who love them.

Because I love you and want to encourage you to go get your friends and bring them back I’ll be having a huge give away all next week. Items from the new store will be included. So seriously, tell your friends – please. Post it on your Facebook, put it on your blogs, Twitter it, give it a Kirtsy, Stumble or Dig. Someone call Oprah! You’re probably going to win something.

The new site will also feature a newsletter that I hope you’ll sign up for when the invitation pops up.

So, come back here on Monday – you’ll be redirected to the new website – where you’ll be greeted by a beautiful header featuring the all Poster Girls you’ve sent in and you’ll have a chance to win great prizes.

In honor of The New Years Resolutions I’m going to be running a series called Fit Girl. The Fit Girl Series will look at the obesity epidemic children are facing in this country and how that impacts girls. We’re working on being way more active in our family and I want to share that with you. My husband designed a special Fit Girl t-shirt so you’ll want to pick up a few of those.

It wouldn’t be the same without YOU.

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