Lily, Accessory Puppy

Lily 1.jpg

Dorothy had Toto.

Lily 3.jpg

Annie had Sandy.

Lily 2.jpg

Ainsley has Lily.

Meet Lily. Our newest Empowered Girl.

We adopted this little terrier last week from our neighbor. My children already knew and loved this dog.

This dog came with her own jewelry box. Seriously. She has several different blinged out collars, a Bratz bed, heart-shaped food bowl, various jeweled charms and a very fashionable purse/dog carrier.

Ainsley is just eating this genderization of dogs right up.

Lily 4.jpg

Daddy had always said NO to a dog. But, Ainsley put a dog on her dream board. Now, it’s “yes, but only outside.”

I hope our children learn a lot about love and responsibility from Lily.

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