Mythbusters – Science is Girly

By Tracee Sioux

Mythbusters, a series on the Discovery Channels (TLC, etc), that puts myths and urban legends through scientific tests to determine if there is any truth to it is a fantastic way to empower girls.

When I was a kid I had no reason to believe that science or math might apply to me. When asking why I had to learn math I was given reasons like, to figure out a recipe, which frankly held no appeal for me. Math and science were “boy” subjects. Boys took wood and auto shop and learned how to built things and fix cars and girls were required to take home economics and learn to sew and cook. Seriously.

But, one of the best things we can do for our daughters is interest them in math and science professions, if only because these fields PAY a lot more money than social science professions do. Technology is moving quickly and science is becoming increasingly important in our society and culture. We need to be conscientious about preparing our children, especially our girls, for the scientifically advanced future they will face.

Mythbusters is fantastic because science become fun and interesting as all get out. We have spent entire lazy Saturdays or Sundays watching episode after episode of Mythbusters blowing up sharks, crashing cars or floating children with helium balloons. My husband got so excited about the experiment with Mentos and Diet Coke having the compound effect of a volcanic explosion that he performed the experiment at our daughter’s birthday party.

Even better for girls is that one of the scientists on the show is Kari Byron, a girl! It is totally awesome, for me and my daughter, to see her hold her own with other scientists and coming up with hypothesis’ and performing scientific experiments to prove or disprove a myth.

Will setting off too many roach bombs blow up a house? Actually, if there is a flame and a ton of bombs, it can.

Could the General Lee on the Dukes of Hazard really make those jumps? Uh, no.

Can you blow up a great white shark with an air tank? Watch the show with your daughter to find out.

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