My Protege (and how to get one)

I’m a mentor for a 15-year old girl named Ambrea. I was trying to think of a great way to persuade others to become mentors, when it occurred to me that I should let Ambrea, my own protege, tell you why becoming a mentor is important.


Becoming a mentor is important cause you can share new things with other people. Mentors give you ideas you never had before. Sometimes you can talk to that person about something that has been on your mind for the longest, and I think they would tell you the right thing to do. I think what I am trying to say is, that mentors are so important in so many ways you can think about. I like having a Mentor because that certain person can hold on to you no matter what. My Mentor is sweet to me in so many kinds of ways. I mean my mentor tells me things I never even heard before. Don’t let nobody tell you you can’t have something you want,because if you want something you go out and get it, and that is exactly what I did. To me having a mentor is a gift from God, cause they tell you everything you need to hear. My mentor is special to me, and that’s why I love my mentor so much. You people out there who don’t have a mentor should really get one, because not having one is like not having a best friend to talk to.

As someone deeply concerned about the soul of girls in this country I’m encouraging everyone to sign up for a local mentoring program.
The good news is that making one kid feel important does change the world – at least for that kid. If you affect one kid, you affect everyone they come into contact with from current friends to future children. Mentoring is, in some small measure, how every person can tangibly change the world in a positive and productive way.

Do it for yourself. Who doesn’t want the kind of appreciation and admiration evident in Ambrea’s comments? If you want to feel empowered in your life, (and who doesn’t want that?) this one-hour a week commitment will give you an undeniable tangible feeling of accomplishment. This one hour of time well spent will cure boredom, apathy, depression and all sorts of self-loathing forms of self-absorption. And it’s cheaper and healthier than antidepressants.

Who wouldn’t buy a bottle of undeniable, tangible feeling of accomplishment from an info-mercial? Lucky you, it’s free and all you have to do is hang out with a kid one hour a week.

Enter your zip code to find a program that fits your lifestyle in your neighborhood at <

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