My Hero (pssst…It’s Me!)

             MY HERO

              BY: AINSLEY


One of the people I admire is my mom. 

First, one reason she is my hero is she is brave. She is brave because she likes to do dare-devil things. One thing she did that was scary was she and I went on a 1,200 feet drop Canyon Swing! We strapped in and the swing went almost all the way upside down! Another way she is brave is she is a single mom, a writer, and a dog owner. I think she is brave because there is a lot of things to worry about because she has to take care of Zack and I, she has to turn all her stories in before her deadline, and she has to take care of a 9 week old puppy. One more reason she is brave is she is not afraid of what others think of her. She will dance in public if I wasn’’t around and she will not care of what people say about her. 

Next, another reason I admire her is because she is talented. She is talented because she can take care of 2 kids and a puppy. Another reason she is talented is she is a fabulous mom. She is always nice and is very strict though. I can’t believe she can manage to take care of us! Another reason she is talented is she is very smart. She can answer anything in a split second. 

Finally, she is very loving. She is loving because she stills loves my dad even though they are divorced. She still talks to him and is nice to him. Another reason she is loving is she loves my uncle even though he is mad at her. She still tries to talk to him even though he doesn’’t want to talk to her. One more reason she is loving is she loves all of her family. She never says mean things to them and would never try to hurt their feelings. 

 All in all, I love and admire my mom.


It would appear that I have not ruined my children’s lives after all by throwing in the towel on my 12-year marriage. My kids are showering me with cards, love letters, paintings and supportive words of affection. It is sad, the transition of a family into something new and different. But, we’re all doing the best we can. All evidence suggests that I’m doing a bang up job of it.

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