Miracle Kirby Vacuum Salesman


Oh, Lord how am I ever going to get everything done? I asked. I need some kind of miracle. A Course in Miracles says I am entitled to miracles because I am your daughter.

Then this guy showed up and asked if he could come in my house and clean the tarnation out of it.

I can’t buy a vacuum, I told him.

Lady, I get a bonus if I get asked in for enough demonstrations. Don’t you have a spot I can clean? he asked.

I have a pee hall. Where the toilet-training boy marks his territory, I shared. Only Monday I had resolved to wait to get down and scrub it out when Zack was finally potty trained, so I didn’t have to do it twice.


He cleaned my couches and chairs, sucked 50 years of grime out of the grooves of my fireplace, sucked the allergy causing dust mite poo out of my mattress and steam cleaned the pee hall.


The trick is to recognize and accept a miracle when it comes your way. Sometimes it’s a Kirby Vacuum salesman who needs a bonus. I prayed in gratitude the whole time and then I slipped him a $20 based on the principle, Give and You Shall Receive.

As if that wasn’t enough, I found the floor buffer I’ve been hunting since I moved at a garage sale for $1 this morning.

I’m going on vacation tomorrow. We’re driving our wonderful minivan across the country to Utah, through Denver. On the way back, we’ll stop and visit a good friend who found her bliss way up in the mountains around the four corner’s area of Utah. My sister is getting married and I’m expecting two weeks worth of miracles. I know how to see them now and that, my friends, is half the trick of getting them.

I sent out an invitation for guest posts and received a wonderful batch.  You’re going to love these ladies and what they have to offer. Follow them back to their own great blogs. It’s my pleasure to showcase their work.

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