year of YES!

Lose Your Ego, Bring Your Power Back

year of YES!Your Ego is your biggest enemy. Mine held me back in my work for years. I struggled to create meaningful work. I lost myself in the limitations and definitions imposed on me by others. I wanted something juicy. I wanted to be meaning-FULL. I wanted my life to be full of abundance. Full of love. Full of light. Full of healing. Full of joy.

I wanted my Soul to be full-y expressed. I wanted my voice to be bold and loud, not shrinking back in a little box in the basement somewhere. I got tired of hiding from my demons. I got tired of don’t  and can’t and shouldn’t. I got tired of my great big, expansive, infinite soul being crammed into a space that didn’t fit her.

We are all here for different reasons. We all have a Soul’s Purpose. We have something to BE. And I can’t BE my purpose if I’m not embracing it.

I gave myself over to a Year of YES! I started saying YES! to my soul. I started making my ego go sit in the corner. I was tired of feeling the limitations, scarcity, and soul poverty of the roles that should and must had been putting on me my whole life.

Don’t let should, can’t, won’t, and don’t take over your life. Don’t let them steal your life from you.  And that’s exactly what they’re doing. You are an infinite expansive Soul in a beautiful body.  We need your light in the world. It’s time to shine.

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