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Living Abundance

Soul's PurposeAbundance is a mindset. Yes. Absolutely. I have seen so many people perpetuate full generations of poverty through scarcity thinking.

“We can’t afford it.”

“It costs too much.”

“But we have to spend money on (insert anything else the world other than what you actually want/need to spend money on here).”

How much is your thinking costing you every year? How much is it costing your family? How much is it costing your SOUL?

I used to think that my financial status was based upon my feelings of worthiness. And worthiness definitely plays a part. It’s hard to change your thinking when you feel like you don’t deserve abundance in your life in the first place. It’s hard to take action steps towards prosperity when you’re convinced that you’re always going to be in debt. Or that you can’t make your business work. Or that no one will like your ideas. And silly you, why did you even think you could try anyway?

It’s ridiculous. It’s crap. And it’s stopping you from achieving everything that you were built and put here to do.  I’m daring you to ask for more. I’m daring you to be more. I’m daring you to open yourself up to the abundance that your soul knows is coming for you. I’m daring you to live the life of joy and ease and passion that your Divine Spark is calling in for you.

You weren’t brought here to be small. You weren’t brought here to play little games in the sandbox. Your Soul knows that you are capable of so, so much more. Open your arms and start letting in the abundance. It’s time to shed the old thoughts and old limitations. It’s time to bring yourself to a place of new awareness. It’s time to let your Soul start calling you forward. It’s time to be brave, and start living a little bolder, a little bigger, and to enjoy the beauty that’s surrounding you. And when you’re ready to start moving forward and bringing in that bountiful life, then let’s talk.

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