Living on Purpose to Save the World

*This is the speech I wrote for the Red Tent celebration I and Leslie Carol Botha, Holy Hormones, hosted on Sunday.

Leslie Botha, Katherine Skaggs, Tracee Sioux & Isadora Leidenfrost

Leslie Botha, Katherine Skaggs, Tracee Sioux & Isadora Leidenfrost

Way before the commercialization of the period from Always & Tampax, way before our menstrual flow became “dirty” and shameful, women gathered in The Red Tent to celebrate the rites of womanhood. During her period, breastfeeding, birth and transition into a menopausal Wise Woman she retreated to the Red Tent. Among the other women of the tribe: Maiden, Mother, Crone, she celebrated her cycle and tracked it by the moon. The tent was a sacred space where feminine knowledge was passed down, Crone to Mother, Mother to Maiden. Powerful healing arts, visioning, intuition, prophecy—women’s natural gifts were practiced in this sacred space.

Women are the most powerful beings on Earth. Like God, we can whip up a whole human being in an organ the size of our fist in nine months, then we can spend the next 18 years filling its head—with consciousness, or unconsciousness, as we choose. Think of how often your own mother’s voice fills your mind—welcome or not. People spend thousands of dollars in therapy trying to eradicate their mother’s scoldings. That is power.

For one week — according to our menstrual cycle — The men of the planet walk on eggshells, afraid of our unpredictable wrath. The leader of the free world even, spends one week per month being very . .  very . . .careful. It’s not terrorism that makes him tip toe, it is Michelle’s PMS. That is power.


Speaking at Red Tent event

The Dali Lama said, “The Western Woman will Save the World.”

I’m an advocate for women’s power, a form of power that I call Feminine Feminism. I believe when we chase the masculine version of power, we rob the world of the Divine Feminine—which is the very powerful healing force that will save the world.

Everyone comes here to live their Purpose. You have a purpose, one that is unique to you, that only you can fill. It’s calling forth from within you. You have the power to live this purpose.

Some words that have been spoken over me about my purpose is that I am a WayShower to the WayShowers. My purpose is to help others manifest their purpose. To stand behind and lift women up so that they can accept and manifest what they came here to do.

As a Law of Attraction Coach, I believe, that the biggest enemy of women living their purpose is busyness. Charged with doing everything for everyone, too many of us are denying our purpose. Only if enough people live their purpose can we save the world.


Mother & Maiden

This is where the modern Red Tent comes in. The Red Tent is any place where women are affirmed in their purpose: This church, Whole Life Center for Spiritual Living is a space where the Sacred Feminine is powerfully honored, a book club, a mommy group, a knitting circle, a neighborhood posse, a study group, these are all Red Tents. The value of a Red Tent in today’s world can’t be overestimated because the power of many women together is an undeniable force.

You are the WayShowers. You have all the Power you need to fulfill your purpose. For us it is only a matter of having the courage to step into our power, accepting and manifesting our callings.

You’re Powered Now.

Tracee Sioux is a Law of Attraction Coach at Authentic Power Living, helping entrepreneurs manifest magic and attract miracles so they can Live on Purpose. Sign up for her newsletter at to receive a free ebook, 5 Steps to Creating a Dream Board that Really Works, contact her at

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