Law of Attraction & Money: I Don't Have Any Money!!

Sound familiar? This is how many of my potential clients respond when we discuss my coaching services or taking better care of themselves or following their Soul’s purpose.

One of my clients, Anna Koclanes, and I were discussing how we too once believed this lie. We totally believed it and repeatedly used phrases like “I don’t have any money!” “I can’t afford it!” “I wish I could, but I can’t right now!” “The economy is so bad right now!”

Last year I had a coaching session with money coach, Meadow DeVor. I was all bound up about money (going through a divorce and having everything up in the air will do that to a person). It got to the point where all I could think about were my bills. First thought in the morning, last thought at night. Finally I was so exhausted that I started praying not for more money, but instead to be free of financial worry. During the coaching session I was deeply attached to the fact that I needed money to live. Period. Fact. Irrefutable.

I want you to consider the idea that you do not need money to live, Meadow challenged.

I wanted to smack her in the face. No kidding. It was absurd to the extreme. It was unacceptable piece of shit coaching advice from a rich lady.

But, I sat with it. I entertained ways that it could be true. I started asking different questions around money.

One question I started asking when facing financial decisions was “if I had the money would I do this, buy this, seize this opportunity?”

I asked other questions like, “this costs $300, where do I have $300 in my life?”

Then I started defying the “reality” of my finances. I started spending money on myself that “I couldn’t afford.”

Guess what? It worked. I take better care of myself and seize the opportunities that I want to seize. When I look around my life for money—I find it.

Turns out I don’t need money to live. But I sure do love having it. It makes life more fun and interesting.

The point is that you believe untrue things about the money in your life and what you can and can’t afford. Everyone does. How you spend money reflects your value system. People pay for what they value. The question to ask then is “what do I value?”

Anna and I attended a gathering recently where a woman had expressed her inability to afford to take care of serious medical issues. Insurance, hard to manage a family on her income and cost of care all came up. Her statements were packed with the powerful energy of powerlessness and anger.

As she spoke I realized that I don’t believe anything she said anymore. Which is HUGE for me. I would have believed it, agreed with it and bought into the story with her not long ago. But, now. I didn’t believe it at all. And Anna didn’t either. On the ride home we talked about how liberating it is to be free of that lie and how many more choices and opportunities we have as a result of believing something different and how much better we take care of ourselves when we put that at the top of our value system.

You don’t need money to live.

Try it on. Could it be possible?

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