Lighten Up – Give, Get, Win!


Last week was heavy with emotionally charged information. So Sexy So Soon is a lot to digest before we get into something new. It took weeks for me to get over the shock from reading that book enough to write about it. Receiving such information and acting on it isn’t easy.

Today we’re going to lighten up!

With today’s economy, I’m already hoarding Christmas gifts. How about you?

Giving stuff away over there seemed so easy and fun that I thought I’d do a massive giveaway in honor of my pending redesign. My super cool designer, Heather from Desperately Seeking WordPress is working on it as we speak.

So far I’ve gotten several empowering items to giveaway for my upcoming redesign extravaganza promotion. If you have a product you’d like to see featured here and want to generously donate it to my loyal and conscientious audience – email me at traceesioux at yahoo dot com with Empowering Girls Giveaway in the post.

I also wanted to remind you of my open call for photos of girls doing what they do and being who they are. If you have a daughter and want to see her picture on this girl empowerment blog – send me one. Details at Poster Girls.

Today’s Poster Girl is Dani and she’s uses this chainsaw in her art. Her mother, Cindi Lavin is also an artist. She writes Layer Upon Layer, where she’s giving tons of stuff away for Blogtoberfest.

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