Homework = Food

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Holy Canoly the paper that comes into this house.

Last year I was unprepared for the plethora of paper that came into the house from school, work, home work, Sunday School and church activities.

My daughter was emotionally attached to every single scrap she drew a letter, number or picture on.

I had no strategy and by the end of the year we were drowning in paper. It took me 8 straight hours of sitting in her room sorting and talking her into throwing it out.

I get it. I get very attached to my work too. I just don’t keep it in paper form anymore.

She was in Kindergarten.


The thought of us trying to tread paper until she graduated from high school was overwhelming.

I found out about a woman in our town who collects paper, cardboard and milk jugs and sells it to recyclers.

She uses the money recyclers pay her – trash is big business – to feed hungry poor families.

There’s the motive to become emotionally unattached to all of our paper work.

As soon as they walk through the door, there’s a “Good Work! Honey,” from Mommy. Then straight to the recycling bin it goes. It has to be very, very special to make it into the “save binder.” If it’s not very special then . . .
We’ll turn our homework in to food for poor and hungry families.

God Bless America!


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