Kids LOVE Reading

Kids love reading.

At least my kids do.

Here’s a handy little parenting tip you can try to make them simply adore it: 2 bedtimes.

The first one, the kids get ready for bed – brush teeth, pajamas, drink, yada, yada. We do it at 7:30, pick the time that works for your family. Once they are in bed, it’s Reading Time.

Half an hour later, Lights Out. Turn your brain off, go to sleep.

This gives kids 30 minutes of reading time, every day, seven days a week, school and summer.

Reading before bed is a great habit I’ve carried through my entire life. It has served me well.  I’ve read thousands of books, learned a great deal and quieted my mind and body so that it is in rest mode before I peacefully nod off. It works for kids too.

Show me the kid who’d rather go to bed than stay up and read for 30 minutes.

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