Kid Free Weekend

by Tracee Sioux

Do you vacation without the children? Well, my husband and I never have. Not together. We’ve separately taken a weekend to go on a retreat or a night away, but never together.

This weekend will mark the first time. We’re not going far, just to a nearby bed and breakfast for the weekend.

It’s good for our children to see us go away alone. They’ll have a lovely time at NaNa’s house. They’re perfectly independent little ones so there won’t be much crying in the night for Mommy. It’s good to leave your kids, lets them know that they can do things without you and you’ll always come back. Plus, it’s great for the parental sanity. Hopefully great for the marriage as well.
I’m actually feeling a bit awkward and shy about two days alone with my husband.
What if we don’t know what to say to each other?
Wish us luck! See you Monday.

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