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Ainsley, like many 7 year old girls, wants fashion dolls. I have boundaries set up around most fashion dolls saturating the toy section. I am not giving my kid a toy that is hyper-sexual (Bratz) or sends a distorted message about love (Disney Princesses), have distorted body proportions (Barbie), etc.

But, I’m a mom who wants to say “yes.”

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Jakks Pacific is releasing a new fashion doll line – Juku Couture for the Christmas season. They sent me two for review.

I was a little concerned about the word Couture at first because I thought it meant unrealistically expensive designer fashion and I’m trying to NOT turn my kids into hyper-consumers.

But, Ainsley’s dad looked it up and said Couture means, unique, one-of-a-kind fashion.

Ainsley is Couture and these dolls remind me of her (and myself). She will wear what she likes and you might not think it technically matches, but she loves the pieces separately and together.

The point of these dolls is to mismatch fashion and create unique looks (as opposed to wanting to look like everyone else.) The green skirt also makes a hat – how cool is that? Instead of attracting our girls by exploiting their sexuality with revealing clothing, the packaging encourages girls to layer more clothes for a more expressive look.

Each doll comes with an appropriately childlike biography. They all have proportionate teenage bodies – meaning they have average-sized breasts. They are multi-ethnic and come from all over the world. They are all going to their first year of high school and look like you expect a high school girl to look – not like a fashion model, but someone who has to wear her shoes all day long.

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Ainsley got Hayley and Jun.

Hayley is an athletic blond and a naturalist. She likes sports and volunteering. She’s from Stockholm, Sweden and wants to be a vet. She likes pineapple and alternative music.

Kana is a romantic punk with blue, black and purple hair. She’s an animal lover and an artist. She’s a Latina from NYC. She wants to become a singer. She loves purple and likes to snack on cherries.

Audrina is a living encyclopedia and likes photography and decorating. She wants to be a movie director and likes pop music. She lives in LA.

Junis a girly girl, a world traveler and wants to be a biologist. She was born in Seoul, South Korea and is Asian-American. She likes blueberries and jazz.

Each doll is $24.95.


The best part? Jakks Pacific is going to give away one Juku Couture Doll to an Empowering Girls: So Sioux Me reader.

To enter leave a comment. I will leave it open for one week, until Oct. 17. Then I will use random.org to choose a winner.

You must register on blogspot with a real email address to win. I’m sorry, but I’ve had difficulty locating anonymous winners in previous contests.

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