Jet Setting

While my parents took charge of my kiddos and my husband went to a convention in Atlanta I had (gasp) time to myself in a (sigh) city.

We took the corporate jet so there was zero hassle.

I went on a quest to find my perfect pair of jeans, and I did. I rode the subway back from the mall, because I miss things like people watching on subways.

I got my breasts visually sized (ever since I saw the bra episode on Oprah I’ve wanted to know what size I should be wearing) at this store called Intimates and found out I’m a size larger than I thought.

I got a 90 minute massage! Seriously, the masseuse spent 30 minutes on the knots in my shoulders and neck that results from carrying around a 30 pound baby.

I went dancing.

I ate Indian food.

I ate whatever I wanted. I didn’t have to make the food. I didn’t have to clean up the dishes. I didn’t have to pay for it. It’s was a purely guilt-free 5 day food fest. I don’t think that’s ever happened to me before.

I worked uninterrupted for hours.

I slept into the afternoon – twice.

I saw The Drifters and danced the night away.

I spent Martin Luther King Day at the Martin Luther King Memorial in Atlanta. I met a woman and talked her into going with me. It was awe inspiring.

I haggled with street vendors for souvenirs on Auburn Ave.

So Mom, maybe you guys could watch the kids for a week once every six months?

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