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Iron Girl, the premier women’s-only event-based brand, is more than just a girl thing. It is a way to get females of all ages and fitness levels outside and hitting the pavement to better themselves physically and mentally.

Launched in 2004 with just two events, the Iron Girl brand has grown to now include 10 events nationwide, varying in distance from 5K to duathlon and triathlon. The event series, sponsored by Aflac, provides a unique experience for women and girls. It includes a competitive platform, mother/daughter category and amenities such as a post-race Breakfast Café, custom finisher medals and performance shirts sized specifically for females, among others.

Q.  How was the Iron Girl name chosen?

A.  The word “Girl” in the name demonstrates youth, vibrancy and health, which are qualities the Iron Girl brand represents.  An “Iron Girl” is someone who balances fun and femininity with strength and dedication to achieving her personal best.

Q.  What does Iron Girl’s logo represent?

A.  Iron Girl’s logo is named Grace.  Grace is in us all. It’s what makes women heroic, charming and limitless.  Grace is with us in difficult times and happy times, silly times and sad times.  Grace is with us physically, mentally and emotionally.  Grace is what makes women special, unique and strong.  Grace acts with truth, beauty and spirit.  Grace is within you, and you are Grace.

Q.  How many females have celebrated an Iron Girl finish?

A.  In its inaugural year, 1,000 women became Iron Girl finishers.  In 2008 alone, more than 16,000 women crossed an Aflac Iron Girl finish line.  Participants range in age from 5 years old to 81 years old, and in fitness level from beginner to professional.  The average Iron Girl is 35 years old.

Q. Why is it important for young girls to be active?

A.  A 2006 study from the Girl Scout Research Institute found that physically active girls are more satisfied with their weight and appearance than other girls, regardless of their weight.  If girls are satisfied with their weight, they will be confident in who they are.  Aflac Iron Girl events provide a place where girls can be part of a community without the pressures of the world weighing down on them. Being part of an event provides an opportunity for girls to enjoy fitness, taking the focus off of size and weight, and placing it instead on fitness, athletics and achieving goals.  Of course earning a finisher’s medal and sharing your accomplishment with friends is a lot of fun too!

With Aflac Iron Girl events, there is something for everyone to participate in and achieve, whether it is your first 5K or your tenth triathlon, everyone walks away successful.

Q.  How does Iron Girl empower girls and how does it build trust between mother and daughter?
A. As a young girl, it can be difficult to find a path into fitness if you aren’t part of a league or team at school.  Aflac Iron Girl events give girls of all ages a chance to be part of an event that is for and about them. It can be scary participating in your first event and the mother/daughter category gives moms and daughters the opportunity to experience the event together.  It encourages bonding, as mother and daughter are sharing a common goal.  With this goal, they train together, keep each other on track, encourage each other, and ultimately share in each other’s accomplishment.

Q.  How can I become an Iron Girl or sign my daughter up?

A.  Register for one of 10 events nationwide, by visiting

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