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You may have gone to Blog Fabulous recently and summarily redirected to

Two weeks ago I received an email effectively dissolving my contract with b5media, a Canadian media company. I wrote Blog Fabulous for b5media for 2 years.

b5media has undergone a massive restructuring in an attempt to survive in an economy where the market for the written word is hyper-saturated. Quite a few of their bloggers received the same email I did that morning.

I learned a lot at b5media from my fellow veteran bloggers. They were fantastic mentors and I benefited a great deal from the experience. Management at b5media has said they wish me well in my endeavors here at The Girl Revolution. They know this is where my heart and passion is.

That said I was quite happy about the dissolution of my contract with b5media. Unable to pull the cord myself and reduce our family income, I’m relieved and excited about not using up my creative energy and time on Blog Fabulous. Though I did miss posting “I’m Oprah’s Goal Weight!” this morning after getting on the scale.

I’m writing The Girl Revolution, the book.

I need all the time and creative energy and support I can get to complete such a monumental project.

To create space in my life for this endeavor I’ll be posting fewer new posts here on the website. There are over 500 independent posts on The Girl Revolution and that should keep any reader busy while I focus on The Book.

I’ve asked several trusted friends to do some guest posts as well. I’ll still be writing new posts, just not 5 posts per week as I was before.

There’s a REAL Sex Education Bill before Congress we’ll need to examine and discuss that. I’m on it.

The Girl Revolution readers have been loyal and insightful for the last 2 years. I wanted to keep you in the loop. If you want to send any agents and publishers my way – I’d welcome that kind of support too.

Stand by while I tie up some lose ends that are making me feel guilty:

Sticker Sisters is a great place to get empowering stickers for girls. It was started by a girl and is made for girls. Buy some Easter or Birthday gifts there.

Crumpler makes fantastic camera bags and laptop cases. This Crumpler Bag is called the Brazillion Dollar Home for a reason. It is a Journalist and Photographer’s Dream. There are pockets for 2 cell phones, my 17″ MacbookPro fits in the back pocket and has it’s own access. A professional D-SLR camera, several lenses and quite a number of flashes, tri-pod straps make this bag a fantasy. Complete it with ergonomic straps around the shoulders and waist and it might make you want to change professions just to use the bag.

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