International Violence Against Women Act


An International Violence Against Women Act has been introduced in Congress.

Any country that allows acts of violence and terrorism against its own girls and women is a country that would also commit an act of violence and terrorism against The United States and any other country it deems unacceptable.

Countries that educate girls, economically empower their women and acknowledge a woman’s physical and spiritual autonomy are economically prosperous and more likely to be Internationally peaceful and cooperative.

They are also less likely to be breeding grounds for religious and political extremists, including terrorists. It’s a fact.

Because this is so, the International Violence Against Women Act is not a “women’s issue” it is an International Security Issue.

Whatever we spend to educate girls and women, economically assist women in business development, strongly encourage legal autonomy for women even sanctioning countries that allow acts of violence against females will come back to us a hundred-fold in Peace, International trade, and third-world development and financial independence. Violence against women in much of the world includes: mass rape, throwing acid in girls faces, starving, medically neglecting, sex trafficking, manslaughter by AIDS and other STDs, infanticide, honor killings and forced and coerced abortion.

This must stop now. No more excuses.

Read Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide
if you require further evidence that the International Violence Against Women Act is not only a moral imperative, but also the single most effective strategy to beat terrorism around the world.

Read Nicholas Kristof’s New York Times Columns for more information about just how dangerous the world is if you’re born a girl. The fact that violence against females translates to terrorism around the world is a central narrative in his work.

Photo from Vital Voices Blog.

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