How to Be More Creative When Writing Your Book

typewriter-159878_640I never have writer’s block. Ever. I’ve never had it. Not once. I don’t intend to ever suffer from it either. I’m never creatively stuck either. Ever.

How? Why?

I’ll tell you how to be more creative when writing your book. It’s simple. Structure. Consistency. Discipline. Routine.

Here’s the thing I learned when I quit smoking. Your whole life is basically running on habits. Your brain has neurotransmitter ruts that are worn into it. It allows you to function on autopilot through most of your life.

When you wake up you brush your teeth. Basically, at the same time every day in the same sequence between when you pee and make coffee. You put your make up on everyday at the same time, in the same sequence. When you take a shower you’ll wash your hair, put the conditioner on, soap up your face and shave your legs. In that order, every single time.

When you understand the autopilot connection you can then use it to build up your creative juices so that you’ll never have writer’s block or creativity stagnation.

Essentially, when you build creative time into your life in a structured way, your brain will wire your neurotransmitters and dig ruts that feed you inspiration and creativity at the assigned time.

This is why when I’m working on a book with an author the first thing we address is structuring their creativity.

When are you going to write every day or every week and how much?

Once this is established for your brain, the Universe gets the message when you want the Gods of Inspiration to show up and deliver their magic.

Does a book live in you, desperate to be birthed into the world? Message me at and we’ll chat about whether writing coaching will benefit you and whether Sioux Ink might be the perfect publisher for your creation.

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