How to be Less Busy and Manifest Everything You Want

daisy-712892_640The Busy Monster will eat your lunch. And it’s so unnecessary. Becoming less busy and manifesting everything you want is about efficiency and intention.

First, intend that there will be White Space, Free Time and Self Care in your life.

Second, schedule White Space, Free Time and Self Care in your life. Like, seriously, put it in your iPhone calendar, in your Day Planner, in your Google Calendar. Time for you to take a hot bath, read a book, sit on your back porch and stare into your garden.

Third, plan the stuff you have to do, your responsibilities, your errands, your social time, your family time, in the most efficient way possible. This means time blocking all errands at the same time once a week, doing all your networking on the same day, grouping together “like activities” so that you’re not wasting time in the car, or switching your mental state between activities that use different parts of your brain.

Fourth, say no, delegate, hire and ask for help whenever possible. You’re likely trying to be Super Woman and that’s making you too busy. Say no to extra outside activities. There are 10,000 baby boomers a day who are taking up volunteer work, allow them the pleasure and say no to that extra few hours at your kids’ school. It’s okay. Require the kids to pitch in on chores and hire a cleaning service at least quarterly to come in and give the house a good scrub down. Ask your spouse or neighbor to do some of the kid driving. Just unload some of the crap you’re doing.

Once you clear some space in your life, the Universe will have a place to put what you’re asking for.

Take the Time Sex course for detail instructions on how do this.

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