Feminine Presence

I started taking a small Feminine Presence class from a young woman, Anna. Another woman and myself have gathered in her basement studio on Wednesdays, around a candle to share observations and feelings. We relax and Anna tells us about ancient traditions in femininity from around the world.

We put intense focus on our womb space – the center of a woman’s (men’s too) creativity – the space in which all creativity emanates from a woman’s soul. This is also known as the second chakra. When I first heard that the womb space was the home of creativity in women it struck me with significance.

The place where women magically transform two separate cells into a whole new person, a baby. The place where women cleanse their bodies with menstruation, the place which makes hormones that deeply impact our energy and intuition levels, the place that ushers us into the third phase of life with menopause. It makes so much sense.

It also didn’t escape my attention that this space is a cultural battleground with the issues surrounding sex, pregnancy, abortion, and cultural standards of body image.

“Located very near the stomach, the same place on my own body that I will sometimes envision fat being sucked out of, so it will be flat? How cruelly we’ve treated our most sacred creative space,” I thought.

I made the connection with rape, molestation, early puberty in young girls, the rise of infertility, the Mother Wars, welfare issues, the difficulties women have with menopause and the high rate of hysterectomies. There is perhaps nothing which suffers from so much abuse and political backlash than the womb space of a woman.

Anna told me to imagine a glowing ball sitting in my womb space or second chakra as I rocked my hips back and forth, side to side. The image that came to me was The Earth, which I lovingly rocked within my womb, tilting and tucking, looping and circling, meditating to melodies meant to relax and awaken our feminine energy.

“The Earth,” I thought, “could use more feminine energy.”

We’ve done meditation exercises to open up our Feminine Presence to learn how to really be present, in the Now. We’ve imagined glowing lights in our heads, our hearts and our wombs, connecting them with a rod of light and emanating the glow outside our bodies.

At one point, my daughter came home from her new school upset that the other 3rd grade girls didn’t ask her to a slumber party. I hugged her tight to me and told her to imagine the glowing lights inside of her. She calmed. I told her she has the power to do this anytime she’s feeling bad or having troubles in school. I told her to attract the other kids to her light.

During the five weeks of my Feminine Presence class I’ve seen significant changes in my creative life, my ability to be present and experience pleasure and even in my relationship with my husband. He is pursuing me more frequently and more attentively. I love it.

My creativity reawakened around The Girl Revolution Book. I am creating the physical and time space to work on it, and I had a break-through in creativity to edit and weave deeper threads into it. I have made powerful decisions about how best to birth it into the world.

I’ve had a series of symbolic, deep, vivid, healing dreams.

The work has connected me more deeply to a deep, sacred part of myself, one which I was lacking words and form to adequately experiment with by myself. It has connected me more deeply to the holy feminine part of God – the Sacred Feminine – that I have been desperately craving as a I walk through and participate in a predominantly masculine world with unenlightened definitions of femininity.

The work has been so valuable to my creative life that I can’t think of a reason not to continue the class.

Tracee Sioux is a Law of Attraction Coach at www.traceesioux.com.  She is the author of Love Distortion: Belle, Battered Codependent and Other Love Stories. Contact her at traceesioux@gmail.com.

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