Fake Nails


Santa put fake press-on nails in Ainsley’s stocking and I thought my husband was being silly for being concerned. Everyone knows the stupid things won’t stay on for 6 hours and besides, it might be an effective means to get her to stop biting her nails.

In the past I might have been incensed by the idea of the whole child manicure thing, like my friend Lisa at Corporate Babysitter, but I just can’t muster it.

My kid wants to stop biting her nails. Wanting beautifully manicured nails might help her be motivated to stop the habit. Is there an actual harm or just an imagined one? I file my nails. Once in a blue moon I get a pedicure. Seems to me this IS one of those feminine things passed down from mother to daughter – the way it should be. We all pass down our beauty secrets and hygiene habits don’t we? It’s one of the privileges of the mother-daughter relationship. It’s part of what bonds us. Better me than say  . . . Disney or Playboy. A manicure and pedicure does feel good to me. It feels like self-care. Why wouldn’t it be the same for an 8-year-old girl?

OK – fine. I admit it. I promised to take her for a professional manicure at a salon and pay real money to encourage her to stop the nail biting habit that’s really bothering her (hangnails hurt) and driving her dad crazy. Is the world gonna end? NO. Is she going to transform into some hyper-sexualized diva who wants to grow up to be a Kardashian or Jenna Jamison? NO.

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