Bora – New DRC Friend

I finally got assigned a Sister with Women for Women International.

Your sister is: Bora Tabu M’Kabonge, she lives in DRC.

She is in the Tuonembele woman group.

I’m super-excited about this because it gives me something tangible and relevant to do to change the International situation around the world.

I’m convinced no International initiative can be successful as long as the situation for girls and women remains so dire. To continue any peace-seeking process by trying to fight darkness is essentially futile and temporary.

To introduce light in the darkness, hope where there was despair, independence where there was powerlessness, autonomy where there was victimization, money where there was poverty, love where there was hatred and fear, respect where there was disrespect  . . . that is the only thing that might work.

I’m not waiting around for governments to fix it.  Look at history and see what governments do and have always done – play around with men and their versions of power and largely ignore the victimization and oppression of women around the world. Do what you’ve always done and get what you’ve always gotten. War and suffering, more war and suffering.

It’s time to do something else.

It’s time to take action for women. If women are independent, autonomous, and financially secure they become more difficult to victimize and oppress.

For $27 a month I can do that.

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