Empowering Girls: Nerd Girls

Check out these stats from a Newsweek story on Nerd Girls:

Forty years ago women made up just 3 percent of science and engineering jobs; now they make up about 20 percent. That sounds promising, until you consider that women earn 56 percent of the degrees in those fields. A recent Center for Work-Life Policy study found that 52 percent of women leave those jobs, with 63 percent saying they experienced workplace harassment and more than half believing they needed to “act like a man” in order to succeed. In the past, women dealt with that reality in two ways: some buried their femininity, while others simply gave up their techie interests to appear more feminine.

Read Newsweek’s story, Revenge of the Nerdette, to find out about THIS generations’ Nerd Girls strategy for staying in their science professions.

Here’s a hint – they aren’t quitting and they aren’t dressing like their male counterparts. They are calling themselves “Nerd-a-licious.”

Send your brainy daughter over to join nerdgirls.com

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