Empowering Girls: Goodbye Hannah


Goodbye Hannah Montana.

I’m sick and tired of hearing your bratty little attitude and disrespect come out of my daughter’s mouth.

Months ago I tried to blame ME for my daughter’s snotty tone and disrespectful banter. I tried to ban my “tone” and keep you, Hannah, as harmless entertainment.

But, here’s the thing: I add quality to my daughter’s life whether I take a tone or not. I’m her mother and she’s definitely better off with me than she is without me. There’s no question that the benefit of me outweighs the cost of my tone.

It’s unfortunate, but I can’t say the same about you.

It has nothing to do with your back-exposure Miley, which I felt was a trumped up way for the media to call yet another girl a Whore, as we know that’s their hobby. I feel bad about that.

It’s Hannah’s mouth and Hannah’s attitude. That mouth and that dialogue is being used against ME.

My daughter thinks it’s funny to imitate.

And I agree. It’s funny to imitate.

But, if it’s a choice between YOU and ME in my daughter’s life. Well, I pick ME. Because I add quality and you, well, you don’t. When your snotty, bratty, disrespectful banter comes out of my daughter’s mouth – well, to be completely truthful, I feel like slapping her. I don’t. But, really, it shouldn’t take so much effort to stop the impulse.

Also, you’re not really age-appropriate no matter how small you make the t-shirts or commando market to Kindergarteners and pre-schoolers.

She’s listening to you talk about your “needs” and how your super-protective body guard is getting in the way of those needs.

Now I feel you’re” needs” are probably to be kissed and to hold hands, though you left it vague.

But, that’s too much information, and too vague, for my 6-year-old daughter. And again. I didn’t really like your tone when you discussed your “needs” up with your dad. In fact, I thought your dad handled it poorly – like a shmuck. (While we’re speaking of your parents I have to wonder – why exactly has Disney killed off all the girls’ mothers, including yours?)

So, I took control of the remote. I couldn’t figure out how to just block Hannah Montana so I blocked the entire Disney Channel. Truth be told I’m not a huge fan of your other influences Disney, what with the snotty attitude from Zack and Cody and the Princess Culture nightmare I’ve had to wade through with my daughter. Christine Fugate of Mothering Heights is banning you too.

So, there you are Disney Channel.

Blocked – Along with the Pay-Per-View Porn.

Read Tone Turtle.

“Tone Control”

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