Empowering Girls: Neighbor a "Don't Know"


by Tracee Sioux

Mom, what were you and Olivia’s mom talking about on the phone.

What did she say?

She said, did your mom tell you abut the neighbor?

I said, I don’t know. But that’s all.

You know the new neighbors?


The man was once in jail for hurting a little girl.


Remember our “don’t knows” and “kinda knows” from the Safety Rules?


He is a “Don’t Know.” We don’t go in his yard, we don’t go in his house, we don’t talk to him or chat with him or hang out with him. We are never alone with him and we don’t get in his car. He’s always going to be a Don’t Know.

Me and Olivia and Holly should be very careful around him. We shouldn’t ever go in his house.

That’s true. If he’s in his backyard while you are in the backyard you don’t need to talk to him. Ignore him or come in the house. And if you go play at the other girls’ houses then you have to tell me where you are and you must be back in time so I know you are safe. I want you to always remember the Safety Rules.

I have found having a common language, provided by the Stranger Safety video, to be invaluable in describing our safety rules. I highly recommend getting the video and periodically watching it with your kids.

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