Empowering Girls: Hillary Bus

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I am in downtown Austin at the Texas Democratic Convention. Sitting in a hotel lobby waiting for my ride.

I rode the Hillary Bus.

I left my suitcase on the bus, or it pulled away while I was looking at the other Democrats and spacing off. It’s coming back.

I would post a picture of my bus-mates but I forgot my card reader. I need that to download photos.

I shot off an email yesterday to the other delegates and asked for a room cancellation or a roommate or a free room.

All the nice Democrats were super-helpful.

I will be staying in a 4 story house in the college area. I have a Hillary training meeting today (I don’t know why, I watch the same news as you, but I love her so I have to wear the “Hillary 08” t-shirt and ride the Hillary bus to the end). I have a backup plan if it turns out too sketchy.

Then I’ll go to the opening reception, though I have heard that I’ve wasted my money on it. A flat coke and a bag of chips will be served.

Then, and I’m most excited about this, is the Bloggers Caucus. I’ve got to pick up my blogger credentials (Does this get me into secret back rooms? Maybe, I don’t know yet.) I will get to meet all my other contemporaries. Cool.

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