Empowering Girls: Daddy Weekend


by Tracee Sioux

I’m on a bus with other political activists going to the Texas Democratic Convention in Austin. I’ll be blogging from there. I won’t go home until Sunday. A whole weekend when I can set aside my role as Mommy.

It’s a Daddy Weekend. The kids will hang out with Daddy. He’ll do things his way.

No, I did not cook them meals for 3 days. My man knows how to use a stove and a microwave and even my two-year-old can scavenge for an apple or cup of yogurt when he is hungry.

No, I am not the least bit nervous about leaving them. He’s their father, not an axe murderer. He will get them to bed, feed them food, put clothes on them. He’s perfectly competent.

No, I did not leave instructions. He can figure out how to manage our two children as well as, or sometimes better than I can.

Yes, the house will be likely clean when I return. It might be cleaner than I left it, in my mad rush to pack and not forget anything. If it’s not, well my house usually pretty messy by Monday.

Yes, I think he invited his friends over to play cards, watch football and drink beer. I’m not sad about missing that party.

No, I don’t feel guilty. Why should I? Being all Mommy all the time makes me feel disconnected from myself. I need to hear myself think without having someone demand a drink of me. The physical liberation I feel from not carrying around a 32 pound baby is startling. I feel more competent and confident when I feel like I have some power outside my own house.

Yes, I leave my children several times a year. Even if it’s only overnight.

Yes, I always come back a better mother because I’ve filled my own cup, if you will. My soul will be refreshed, I’ll have more confidence, I’ll feel more competent, I’ll be happier. I’ll have more patience and energy as a mother.

Yes, the kids miss me. But, they also get a lot out of their Daddy Time. They feel a deeper connection and bonding with Daddy. It’s healthy.

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