Empowering Girls: Empower Americans with Healthcare Now

Senator Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, isn’t waiting for Election ’08 to get the Healthy Americans Act passed.

* Every American will have it

* Comprehensive – comparable to Congress.

* Portable – take it when you leave your job.

* Non-discriminatory – ban on “pre-existing conditions” and everyone gets a fair price.

Affordable – under $40,000 income? Pay less than now. Under $150,000 pay $1 a day more for guaranteed coverage.

The Act, his site says also saves s1.48 trillion through wellness and prevention.

And he says he can make it reality in only one year.

Here’s the real cost:

Families between $40,000 and $50,000 would pay about $81/year more – about $7 a month. Families between $50,000 and $150,000 would average between $327 and $341 per year more – about $28 a month.

In return for this modest increase these families would have guaranteed coverage that they could never lose, not if they get sick, not if they lose their jobs, not for any reason.

We’d be crazy not to take that deal. Why wait for elections? I want to see Senator Wyden deliver on this right now. Read the details by clicking this link.

Email your own representatives by visiting Congress.org and entering your zip code.

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