Complaint Free House

By Tracee Sioux

Did you see that complaint free world bracelet on Oprah in March? It’s this bracelet that brings focus to complaining to encourage you to stop.

I immediately ordered several of these bracelets, mostly because I’m sick to death of my daughter’s complaining.

If there is something you don’t like about your children I think if you look closely enough you’ll realize they got it straight from you. Which sucks. Because to fix the problem in your child, you first have to fix yourself. Otherwise you’re just a hypocrite.

Ainsley’s complaining has reached epic proportions. I would say her complaining takes up the majority of the day. She’s either complaining or I am correcting the complaining, suggesting she be happy or punishing the complaining for 50-75% of our interactions in the last month or so.

I’m a masterful and creative complainer and I guess if I really examine it I complain more than the average person. But, I justify it for this reason or that. My complaining doesn’t bother me, it amuses me. I usually amuse other people.

Have I robbed my daughter of a positive outlook and an optimistic perspective with my hobby of complaining? It wouldn’t be worth it then to continue my complaints. Ainsley isn’t a naturally negative soul. She tends to say things like, Zack’s crying sounds like music.

The question is, am I ready to give up complaining to save my daughter’s natural optimism? Giving up complaining feels almost like giving up smoking. I feel like I need the complaining and that perhaps I won’t be able to find ways to cope without it.

Even bigger, could I not complain about Ainsley’s complaining? Would I even be able to have a conversation with her if I wasn’t allowed to correct (read: complain about) her complaining?

Thank goodness the bracelet isn’t here yet. I’m not sure I’m ready to give up my complaining fix yet.

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