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Lately, I’ve been fixating on taking Martha Beck’s Life Coaching Course in January.

I dream about it nearly every night. Last night I dreamed I got a rare scholarship. I spoke about my desire to speak publicly and be a life coach at my first Toastmaster’s Speech.

It’s found it’s way to a pivotal point on my Dream Board (above)

I’m supposed to do it. I have a natural aptitude for it – a gift if you will.

A few months ago I took the video seminar by Marcus Buckingham and ordered the book Go Put Your Strengths To Work and all evidence leads to the fact that I’m already using many of the skills and strengths needed to be a Martha Beck Life Coach.

I’m already doing it naturally because it is part of My Purpose.

The ONLY problem with my plan is that I don’t have $5,975. YET.

Last night I dreamed I got a scholarship. This morning during Yoga I decided I have nothing to lose by creating my own Community Scholarship and asking YOU – my community – to help me.

The bottom line is I am sick to death of “I can’t afford it” controlling my whole freaking life and all of my decisions. Do you know I was once invited to serve a prestigious International Internship at The League of Nations in The Hague, and I didn’t do it because “I couldn’t afford it?” I didn’t really even investigate the opportunity – I just listened to those voices in my head that sound an awful lot like some relatives of mine “What, do you think opportunities are just going to be HANDED to you on a silver platter?”

I look back on that and think, “doors have opened for me, I’ve had access to many different forms of success and lots of opportunities and I have passed them up over nothing.” No real reason. In fact, I now realize the only thing that ever limits me is the idea that I don’t have enough money. I’m done with that.

I’ve run right out of patience with economic dependence.

Yes, I know $5,975 sounds like a lot of money at first. Except that the people in this country barely blinked an eye at throwing $1 trillion dollars at the banking and mortgage industry five minutes ago. Even in a recession the amount of money Americans will spend on Christmas candles and smelly lotions could feed a 3rd world nation.

There are still charitable dollars that must be spent by Dec. 31 because there are tax write-offs to take and budgets to spend. I’d be super-grateful if you would send those to me.

Next to all that, $5,975 to assist me, Tracee Sioux, in building a Life Coaching business whose soul mission is to empower other women and girls exponentially – come on, which one sounds like the better deal?

The Government says it wants to “create more jobs.” I want to help WOMEN to transform and create a new economy by stepping into their natural gifts, living their purpose, and unleashing their inner power.

It’s my belief that women are about to step up and transform economics worldwide – if only they can muster the self-confidence and shift their perceptions about just what God and his Universe is willing to hand over on a silver platter.

Martha Beck, Steering by Starlight: Find Your Right Life, No Matter What!says she prefers working with groups now because it’s such a pleasure to watch everyone in the group spontaneously offer resources and encouragement to any person who declares their Purpose. Here’s that chance.

I can totally afford this and am very much worth the investment.

Contribute to the “Community Scholarship” to send Tracee Sioux to Martha Beck’s Life Coaching Training! Every Penny Counts!

Testimonials from women I’ve mentored

Jeanne at Jeanne’s Endo Blog:

After following Tracee’s blogs closely for a while and admiring her work, I began to envision writing a blog myself. The idea was appealing to me but I was apprehensive to tackle such a large project because I have multiple chronic illnesses including fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis, and endometriosis. In one phone conversation in particular, she outlined many steps for tackling the task of starting a blog, writing high quality material, working from home, and overcoming my fears of ‘burning out’ or becoming sicker by taking on too much with blogging. Her advice was invaluable and truly helped me to launch my own blog. . . In less than 6 months of blogging, my blog has had 6,194 hits and 9,402 page views. If it weren’t for Tracee, I don’t know if I would have a blog at all. Now I am helping patients all over the world!!

Tracee inspires me with her courage, her honesty, her bold manner, and her very candid/open style of writing. Her helpful, positive attitude has empowered me to use my own passion for the subjects about which I write to help others. Tracee is a fantastic mentor. Tracee has helped me enormously. Her respectful nature, her extreme creativity, her generosity, and her information sharing make her a fantastic mentor. I am very grateful to Tracee for her encouragement and support. She is brave, she is bold, and she does NOT let what other people think deter her from her mission. She knows her path and she follows it regardless of what obstacles may make it challenging.

Tracee has found her purpose and is helping others find theirs. I am proud to call her my mentor!!

Jessica from Bern This:

In the summer of 2008, I went to BlogHer ’08 not knowing a soul out of the over 900 women who attended. Out of all those people, it was Tracee Sioux that impressed me the most. Her humor, her spirituality, her intelligence, she has it all and I have been a huge beneficiary of that. I cannot express enough how much Tracee has helped me make my blog the success that it is and will continue to be.

Tracee, has this magical way of not only picking me up when I’m feeling incredibly discouraged, but with her ability to listen, to think outside the box and her great sense of humor, I often find that at the end of my time with her, I’m not only feeling hopeful, I’m feeling like no dream is too big and for that, Tracee, I thank you.

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