Children = ATM

The Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood is taking on Skechers for making a Nickelodeon program that is nothing but an ad for their product.

Since the characters have always only been in ads, we believe that the show’s broadcast will violate the time limits for commercial matter in kids’ TV shows (12 minutes per hour on weekdays) and FCC policies that call for strict separation of commercial matter and programming.

Read more here and sign the petition to the FCC.

CCFC is also calling for grocery stores to stop the televised marketing on the aisles. Many stores are doing this, CCFC is taking on Food Lion and asking them to stop it. Sign that petition here.  (Frankly, its annoying and there is already too much stimuli for me in a grocery store.)

“I would never bring my children into a store with screen ads. Using them is akin to pulling aside a child and saying, ‘Wouldn’t you like your mommy to buy you this (probably sugary and unhealthy processed) item’ right in front of the parent. You probably would not allow employees to do that, so why let a screen? It is insulting and manipulative behavior.” Diane Miller, Ithaca, NY

Also in CCFC news this month is:

This Science Lesson is Brought to You By… Susan Linn on corporate ads masquerading as education.

A Tale of Two School Districts – Josh Golin looks at a school district that’s selling its kids to advertisers and one that bravely said no thanks to corporate cash.

Plus Michele Simon asks, Why is McDonald’s listed a resource for Childhood Obesity Awareness Month?; Josh Golin looks at Kmart’s back-to-school assault on young girls; and theCommercialism Corner has links and summaries of all the latest news about the commercialization of childhood.

Children = cash machine. Funny, since this population is entirely unemployed and possess no cash of their own.

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