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Changing Your Community By Embracing Your Soul’s Purpose

sea-919042_1920I don’t think I ever could have imagined in 2012 as I was standing in my kitchen and hand-washing my dishes that my life would change so much when I started saying YES! I gave up the pretenses. I gave up the false limitations. I gave up the old identity based in deep soul-wounds, trauma, and family dynamics. I gave up the smallness that my wasband demanded of me. I gave up the scarcity mindset and financial struggles.

And I couldn’t be more grateful.

My Year of YES! didn’t just change my life, it started changing the lives of those around me. It challenged the people close to me to start walking in their own greatness. They started picking up their own power. They saw me being brave, overcoming my fear of being seen, and letting my own light shine out bright and bold into the world around me. And they started letting theirs shine out a little brighter too.

It’s amazing to me how lucky I am to help facilitate people picking up their Soul’s Purpose and walking with intention into paths in front of them. As I help my clients go through the process of life and business coaching, I watch them blossom, build, and grow. I watch them live out their passions. I help them shed the layers of junk that aren’t working, rip down the walls, tear out the weeds, and suddenly they have this amazing fortress of power, beauty, and genius that they’re bringing out into the world. Their gifts don’t sit on a neglected shelf gathering dust any more, they’re out and being freely shared into the world.

My clients are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet in my life, and it’s absolutely incredible to watch the ripples not just in their own lives, but in the world around them. If you’d like to know more, you can reach me at

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