Brilliant Choice for Procreation: A Dad

I found this essay about the value of fatherhood in girls’ lives on Execumamas.

I tell Kris all the time that I’m brilliant for choosing him to father my children. So many of us, Black women in particular, were raised in households devoid of father figures, and it plays a significant role in our adult relationships with men. I was fortunate to have more than one positive male figure in my life, and it’s been a blessing, because I never felt that I had to use my relationships with men to fill the void of a missing father (figure). Today, as I often do, I watched a conversation with my husband and our oldest daughter that added more logs to my grateful fire in regards to my girls’ relationship with their dad.

When we picked Marley (our 5 year old) up from school today, Kris noticed that her new pants had a huge hole over her knee. He asked her what happened, and the conversation went something like this:

You’ll have to click over to Execumama’s Blog to read the rest.

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