Body Competence vs. Body Talk

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The more I use my body the better I feel about it. The less active I am, the worse I feel about my body. There is a definite cause and effect relationship. My feelings follow my actions.


No matter how much time I spend talking about loving my body or telling my daughter to love hers, all the talk in the world won’t do as half as much as getting up and taking a hike, learning to run or mastering yoga and insisting my daughter to do the same.

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What we usually value about the bodies of boys is competence and skill. Competence in athletics and things they can DO with their bodies. This probably explains why so fewer boys have body image issues that escalate to self-destruction – because their bodies are useful.


It occurs to me that the more opportunities we present to encourage our daughters to use their bodies competently the higher their self-esteem and body image will be.

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