Business Coach: After School is School

Every day after school my daughter runs home to get her classroom ready. After they finish their homework, the kids from the neighborhood come to play School.

You would think after an entire day of it, they’d be tired of school.

But, day after day, that’s what they come home to play. They play for hours.

Ainsley likes the role of “teacher.”

I took her to the Dollar Store and she stocked up on supplies. Real school supplies.

She has the other kids write papers, take spelling tests, do math sheets, learn about Presidents and world history. They have bins for desks with name cards on them.

When we were cleaning her room I found papers the other children had done and Ainsley had graded them harshly.

I had bought her a slide grader and she was using it.

We had to go over the fact that some of her students are in the first grade, some are in preschool, and they shouldn’t be held to third grade standards. We had to go over the fact that the other children’s parents might be upset if they found out Ainsley was giving them failing grades on their after-school papers. Or the other children might feel defeated if she didn’t cut them some slack and grade compassionately.

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Sometimes we have to go over the fact that other children may get tired of being bossed around.

“But, I make the lessons really fun for them Mom. I include play and interesting projects into the work. To make learning fun,” she tells me.

I suppose I shouldn’t worry too much, because day after day the other kids come back to Ainsley’s School, excited.

She may have found her calling. That is, if her American Idol dreams don’t pan out.

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