ACLU Interview Same-Sex Education


The ACLU is suing a school in Kentucky which divided its middle school math students by gender. The girls whizzed by the boys so they stopped teaching the girls.

I’m torn on gender-divisions in public schools, as you’ll hear in the podcast.

I’d love to hear what you have to say after listening to this energized conversation.

Other participants on the call include Veronica from Viva La Feminista Jaelithe Judy from The The State of Discontent and Momocrats, Catherine Morgan from The Political Voices of Women and Sarah from Goon Squad and an editor from BlogHer and myself, and Stephanie from LawyerMama Tracee Sioux from The Girl Revolution.

Cynthia Samuels from Don’t Gel Too Soon and 50 Something Moms organized and moderated the call

Rosalind Chait Barnet, Senior Scientist, Women’s Studies Research Center, and Executive Director, Community, Families & Work Program, Brandeis University was on the call to address the science behind gender segregation.

Emily J. Martin is the Deputy Director of the American Civil Liberties Union Women’s Rights Project and shares the ACLU’s perspective on how gender segregation is currently being practiced in public schools.

Empowering Girls: Girls-Only Public School

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