1943 Guide to Hiring Women

Thank goodness our daughters can expect somewhat better treatment from future employers than this: 1943 Guide to Hiring Women posted by Contrariwise Ramblings.

It should be noted though that we’re not out of the woods yet, as just the other day I heard a female county employee say she was having a difficult time finding a suitable secretary who was not of childbearing age. I know it’s illegal, but you know they can be so undependable, she noted. The irony was the at the woman herself was of childbearing age.


Back to the article, my favorite excerpts include that young married women are more responsible than their unwed sisters and less flirtatious, “Husky” girls (apparently their euphemism for fat) are more friendly and outgoing than under-weight women, employers were encouraging to perform gynecological physical examinations to avoid “feminine ailments”, and to give girls breaks to apply more lipstick and fix their hair.

Is it any wonder that laws about gender discrimination are necessary?

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