5 Steps to Making Law of Attraction and Business Look Effortless

Recently I’ve had a few people say to me, it just happens for you, and what will take me hours, you can probably do in two minutes, and you do that so easily, it’s effortless. 

It doesn’t. I can’t. It isn’t.

I have reached a level of excellence at only three things: Writing. Attracting. Mothering. These are the only three things that I’ve chosen to do what it takes to reach a level of excellence.

I want to share the 5 Steps to making Law of Attraction and Business look effortless, even though it’s not.

10,000 Hours

When you make something look easy it’s the result of work, diligence, discipline and stubborn, dogged persistence.

In his book, Outliers, The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell points out that people who become exceptionally good at what they do—regardless of what it is—put in an average of 10,000 hours of practice and diligent effort before it looks easy. Overnight sensations are actually highly disciplined practitioners of their craft.

Many of those hours are frustrating and discouraging. Many of them are drenched in the pleasure of flow that keeps them coming back to the skill for more practice. Some people are driven by some inner calling. Others are pushed to excellence by a drive for competition and winning some award. But none of that substitutes for the 10,000 hours, it only motivates them to DO the 10,000 hours.

People are born with gifts and natural talents. They might have an ear for music. They may have some inherent understanding of numbers. These gifts are wonderful. But, if these gifts aren’t fostered with an insistence on abundance they are wasted undeveloped potential.

No shortcuts. No free pass. No substitute. 

Law of Attraction and Business

The 10,000 hours rule applies to Law of Attraction and the ability to manifest what you want. Yes, you might have a natural lucky streak, things might appear to fall out of the sky for some people, there might be a predilection for success and some people are born in the right country to the right upper-class parents that make “getting stuff,’ easy for them.

You can manifest the conditions and resources you need to become excellent at something, and you can manifest the opportunities to become successful—but there’s no substitute or shortcut for the 10,000 hours of practice it takes to be excellent.

Things DO come out of the blue for me. I often get what I want instantly. But, it’s because I have practiced Law of Attraction, experimented with different techniques, honed my energy around certain things I want, cleared out limiting beliefs and worked on it for about seven years now. I started with one pair of magical pants and now I have attracted a nice middle class life and phenomenal business success and huge support from the Universe and magnificent people into my life. That is true. 

But, it isn’t effortless. I put in the 10,000 hours with Dream Boards, mastermind groups, reading everything I can find about spiritual law, watching other coaches and reading their stuff, hiring my own coaches, energy work, hypnosis, meditation, exercise, yoga, affirmations, writing exercises, reminder apps, etc.

I spend almost 100% of my days now in some form of conscious attracting. I even have practices that allow me to attract in my sleep. Some of those hours are spent catching myself thinking about things I don’t want. Some of them are spent bouncing ideas off of other practitioners. Some are spent in a bound up state of anxiety and frustration and some are spent in tears. But, I’m putting in the work and the practice which pays off and gets me what I want.

Practice manifesting.

What you Focus on expands

One of the principle laws of the Universe is that what you focus on expands. Now, this is often in the context to convince you to have a good attitude and avoid negativity. Well and good.

More critically to manifesting what you want, however, is that if you divert your focus into a bunch of different projects and kaleidoscope your attention into mildly amusing diversions then you’re not going to achieve excellence in any area.

People who become excellent at their craft understand this principle and they don’t divert their focus. They choose to become excellent at one or two things and avoid being distracted. So the next time someone asks you to take on a task, join a multi-level marketing scheme in your “spare” time, accept a job that doesn’t fit into your bigger plan or purpose or you find yourself robbing yourself of focusing on what’s really important. Just don’t.

Say NO to being mediocre at lots of things to say YES! to being excellent at only a few things.

You have to choose

Law of Attraction in business and everything else is all about making a choiceThis is what I really want. 

Now you can change course or experiment and try stuff out. Sure. That’s healthy when you’re figuring out what you really want. It’s the whole entire purpose of being in your 20s and getting a liberal arts degree.

But, when the Universe gets mixed signals your results are mixed. Your photography business starts to blossom, and you decide to go to massage school and that just starts to attract clients when you get frustrated and decide to go back to college for a law degree. Had you kept your attention focused on your photography business it’d be a wild success by now. It’s all about choosing what you focus on.

The fewer course changes, the faster things come to you.

Whatever happens happens

Uh, no it doesn’t.

You’re not going to be excellent at anything if you refuse to choose what you want, refuse to put in the 10,000 hours of practice or refuse to stay focused. You could create a reasonably content existence with few major complaints with a whatever, if it happens it happens philosophy. And if that’s what you want then go ahead and ask the Universe to send you “whatever.” Whatever will come your way and you’ll be in a state of zen without any disappointment. If that’s for you, great.

But if you really do want to be an excellent writer or a phenomenal mother, or be in a conscious loving relationship or be the best runner or win a major award doing your thing or be the most successful and famous whatever you are … well then you better not have a “whatever” attitude because that is not how you get something specific and it’s never going to take you to the level of excellence.

Have the guts to choose.

High Tolerance for Failure

People who make it to a level of excellence have a very high tolerance for failure. They have to. Otherwise they’d just quit and go do something else.

What marks a highly successful person as different than other people is not their amazing string of successes—it is their amazing string of failures.

Hit the wrong piano key in a concert, bomb on stage at an open mike night, write an article that goes viral with painful awful criticism, get fired from the job, have the business go belly up—successful people experience all of these failures and many more.

They get ashamed. They get embarrassed. They get frustrated. They get pissed off. They shake their fists at God demanding better. Then they brush their knees off and try again. They change course. They practice longer, they try a new technique, they do something to boost their confidence and get their brains and hearts back in the right place.

Fail confidently & stubbornly refuse to quit.

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